Monday, 20 February 2017

The UK 'Cultural Property Bill' has been Passed

In the UK, the the Cultural Property Bill has been passed
A Bill to enable the United Kingdom to implement the Hague Convention for the Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict of 1954 and the Protocols to that Convention of 1954 and 1999
definitely not before time...

Vitaly Churkin has died

The Russian Ambassador to the UN Vitaly Churkin, has passed away, he was 65. The ambassador has figured on this blog in connection with certain pronouncements on the trade in antiquities from the Middle East.

Thieving metal detectorist Cop Sacked

A policeman who found £15,000 of gold coins with his metal detector has been sacked for cheating the landowner out of a share of the treasure. PC David Cockle last month admitted theft and keeping the proceeds of the sale of coins found in a Norfolk field. A misconduct hearing was told Cockle had agreed to a 50:50 split with the famer of anything valuable he found. Norfolk Chief Constable Simon Bailey, who dismissed Cockle, said it "was one of the grossest breaches of trust" [...]  Cockle, 51, who now lives in Leigh, Lancashire, will be sentenced at Ipswich Crown Court next month after criminal proceedings were brought against him by the Norfolk force. As well as pleading guilty to theft, Cockle faced three counts of handling criminal property. 
BBC 'Policeman sacked for keeping metal detecting gold coin proceeds' 20th Feb 2017.

Beats me why anyone would 'trust' a metal detectorist in the first place, the farmer was not cheated out of a 'share' in the value of the property taken from his land, he owns all of it.

Train Spotting as Archaeology?

We've got a packed programme of archaeological activities coming up on Sat - from flint-knapping to metal detecting
IUn what way is flint knapping, a manual dexterity and hand-eye-coordination activity an 'archaeological' one? Rubbish. and 'metal detecting'? That's what they do in airport checkins, isn't it? Wjhy is that 'archaeological'? How about enrolling for a course advertised by clueless morons?

Sunday, 19 February 2017

That Recurrent 'Smolensk Lie'

General Piotr Pytel informs public opinion about the true views expressed on the Smolensk aircraft crash behind closed doors by one of the main PL government mystical conspiracy theorists

He was dismissed. The plane hit trees in fog as it was trying to land 10th April 2010 killing nearly a hundred VIPs on board. But claims to an alternative truth which the present government says it aims to 'uncover' are one of the main props to the populists' claim to power.

Exploitive artefact hunters Mislead Landowners

In England, artefact hunting heritage pocketers consider themselves 'generous' if they return to a landowner what they've taken from them... 

 Let us take a look at a random page of the 'identification and valuation' page of The Searcher, to get an idea of the average value placed by the market on run-of-the-mill artefacts: £50, £180-200, £80, £40-60, £30, £120, £120-150, £220, 300+, £15-18, £60, £120-150, £80-90, £40, £120, £20, £30, £80.... I think we get the idea. Metal detectorists claim they are 'not interested in the money', but every single one of them is aware that the artefacts they rmove from a landowner's property are not without (monetary) value, and cumulatively the resale value of even a small collection of historical metal artefacts can be quite substantial. How much of the money raised by the sale of such a collection (for exaple by heirs) ever gets back to the landowner? How many artefact hunters create the sort of documentation that would allow this?

No. it is not the artefact hunter who is generous, these people are exploiting the lack of awareness of the landowners and it should be the job of the PAS to inform the landowner of this as a public service to STOP the rip-off merchant collectors  profiting from keeping landowners in the dark.


Saturday, 18 February 2017

"Our hot sites which are now picked clean as a buzzerds bones"

"Why is mudlarking becoming more popular in London?" ask the BBC
The treasure hunters of the River Thames  (16 February 2017). Probably because the selfish want to get 'their share' before its all gone:
The beeb world service reporters were on the foreshore back in the 80s trying to get voice recordings ..But I told em to P**s off as did other diggers at the time ..Why would we want to advertise our hot sites which are now picked clean as a buzzerds (sic) bones ..(post by 'Targets' Sat Feb 18, 2017 12:02 pm my emphasis)
The archaeological record, of London too, is a finite resource. Once it is gone it is gone.
Hat tip Nigel Swift
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